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Amazon Best-Selling Co-Author of "Courageous Enough To Launch"

Hey Family,

I'm Melanese Marr-Thomas, an entrepreneur, passionate cook, consistent encourager, and starry-eyed dreamer.  I'm the co-founder, co-owner and head chef of Sol Familia Mobile Kitchen, a Temple Hills, MD food truck and catering business started with my husband, Charles. 

And, it almost did not happen. I almost let self-doubt and fear stop me from starting my own business.  I almost let my negative self-talk win by give up on my hopes and dreams. Can I do this? Will anyone buy my food? These were constant questions I asked myself. However, I realized my worth, my God-given purpose and gift. I found my voice and realized I had to launch. I had to launch not just for me but for my family, my community and my legacy. 

I realized failing does not make you a failure. Giving up does.

I pray my words help you dream big and dream often. I hope my chapter inspires you and helps you make your business vision a reality.

Courageous Enough to Launch is the Perfect Solution If You Want to Launch a Thriving Business (even if you are afraid, have self-doubt and procrastination)

Did you know? According to an survey, 57% of Americans have had at least one idea for a business solution or product. Yet only two-fifth take the leap and executed it.

    This book is a compelling compilation of 47 dynamic businesswomen’s unique stories and top strategies for facing the fear of starting their own businesses and how they DID IT ANYWAY. 

    • Don’t you want to stop sitting on the sidelines?
    • Don’t you want to pursue your passion and live your dreams?

    Do not be afraid to be courageous!!!

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